Name Your Ecto Validations

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Posted on: 2022-12-07

(Published via time machine. Just kidding, my blog publication tooling was broken and it took me a long time to get around to fixing it.)

When Ecto.Changeset.validate_required/3 fails, the error it adds includes not only a message but also the information [validation: :required].

This means that in tests, you can assert which validation failed and not the words in the failure message.

assert {_msg, [validation: :required]} = changeset.errors[:name]

If you write a custom Ecto validation, your add_error/4 call can do the same.

add_error(changeset, :ketchup, "insufficiently fancy", validation: :not_fancy)

…and in the test:

assert {_msg, [validation: :not_fancy]} = changeset.errors[:ketchup]  

If you do this, you can modify the human-readable message without breaking tests which simply assert whether it passed.